Ryutaro (aka "Silly")

Actualy likes to be called just 'Ryu'. 17 years old student who rents a room in the hostel due to big distance of the place he lives. Addicted to smoking and his computer games. Generaly lazy and whiny but not when it comes to skating and making jokes around. Wages war with the maths subject.
Yuri (aka "Miss Perfect")

16 years old girl who came into the city to help her dad in his work. Likes studing, sports, dark clothes and hard rock. Sometimes drives people mad on purpose just for fun.
connections: Ryu's classmate and friend

A very happy and smart person, computer maniac. His 'uncommon' skills and hobby gives him much fun and is always a source of making jokes on his friends. Such hobby lets him know the newest technology achievements so he's always surrouned with the best gadgets.
connections: Ryu's friend

18 years old Ryu's friend from the same school. Actualy is the pack boss and talks for everyone. Likes spending time outside, skateboarding and his rap music. A little fat but never admits it. Almost always argues with his younger brother about the music differences.
Jun (aka "Junior")
connections: Kaz's brother and Ryu's friend

A year younger Kaz's brother. Being the youngest one in the pack gave him a nick 'Junior' and is called so. Despite his punk look and loud music around him he's really calm person and very inteligent. It makes him 'the brain' of the pack (well, only in cases of getting in trouble). He's totaly the inverse of his brother.
connections: Yuri's classmate and friend

Likes dark clothing same as Youri does but she's more into goth style than rock. Is not specialy tallented in anything but likes staying on the phone for long.
Kastor (aka "Kas")
connections: Ryu's dog

A 12 years old Landseer. This is the most lazy dog ever (don't expect much having such same lazy owner). Doesn't like any kind of activity unless it's running towards Ryu to welcome him after long absence. Does everything to be let to sleep on Ryu's bed. It's age and lazyness made it very fat.
connections: Yuri's sister

Yuri's cute little sister. She's just 6 years old but makes mess of a whole pack. Likes drawing and ocassionaly torture older people with her wild behaviour (actualy same as her older sister).
connections: Ryu's mom

An ordinary mom who takes care of her family. Looks after Kastor while Ryu's out of home. In free time tries to cook something from the book '101 cook miracles'.